Hi, I am Muhammad Masab Hammad

― My background

I am a second-year undergraduate student currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at FAST NUCES. With a fervent passion for AI, I firmly believe in the power of technology to uplift lives and tackle global challenges head-on.

Driven by a thirst for growth and a hunger for challenges, I seek to carve my path in environments that nurture personal development and skill enhancement. If you share my enthusiasm for leveraging tech to make a difference, let's connect and explore the endless possibilities together!

C++ (OpenCV / SFML / OpenGL)

PYTHON (NumPy / Pandas / TensorFlow)




― Education
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science
    FAST National University Islamabad (2022 - 2026)
  • A-Levels (Sciences)
    The Millennium Education (2020 - 2022)

My Projects


Potato Disease Classification Model

A CNN Model that classified Potato Plant images based on health and disease conditions.

AI Voice Assistant

A Voice Assistant that performed simple tasks using SpeechRecognition and complex requests using OpenAI’s API.

Pac-Man in Assembly x86

A remake of the classic game Pac-Man, in Assembly x86 using the Irvine Library.

More Interesting Projects

Checkout all of my Projects on GitHub.

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